Sports and Leisure

During Winter season Alta Badia and it's wonderdul mountains turn into a white paradise and offers lots of opportunities to spend your free time.

Excursions / Nordic walking / Snow shoe hiking

Alta Badia offers more than 80 km of winter walks  that are carefully prepared. Walking through the woods and pastures leads you, after only a few minutes, into pure nature where you can forget the noise, traffic and stress of the daily routine and enjoy the unique landscapes of the Dolomites.

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Ice skating

Str. Burjè 3, Corvara
Tel. 0471 830301
Tel. cell. 335 337930Disco music in the afternoon and evening
Open: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm/9:00 pm-11:00 pm
Possibility of ice skates rental
Ice skating and curling
Loc. Sompunt 36, Badia
Tel. 0471 847015 

15.01.2024 – 07.04.2024

From 10.30 am to 22.00 pm
Possibility of ice skates rental

Horseback riding

One of our great passions are horses and horseback-riding.

Riding schools

 Armentarola  San Cassiano – c/o Hotel Armentarola +39 0471 849 522
 Col Dala Vara  San Cassiano – Str. Costadedoi, 79 +39 333 23 68 082
 Teresa  Badia – c/o Hotel Teresa, Str. Damez 64 +39 339 3913 677
 Sitting Bull Ranch St. Martino – Str. Freina 64 +39 380 4990545

Horse drawn carriage trips

Erich +39 338 17 34 235
Hotel Armentarola +39 0471 849 522
Oswald  +39 338 40 21 401
Reinhold  +39 339 35 32 410

Ice climbing

Starting from Alta badia you will have the chance to reach some of the most beautiful ice-climbing areas in the Dolomites. For example have a look at the iced woterfalls of the Sella Group, the Travenanzes valley in the Fanes natural Park as well as the Serrai di Sottoguda at the feets of the Marmolada glacier.
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